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How many of you here think housing should be more affordable? (almost all hands rise) OK, now how many of those own your own home?' (most of the same hands stay up) OK. How many of you want the value of your own home to go down? (lots of blank looks, and hands creeping down) You see the problem? Affordable Housing
Reculer pour mieux sauter: to step back in order to better jump forward. Codes
They hang the man and flog the woman That steal the goose from off the common. But let the greater villain loose That steals the common from the goose. Folk poem, circa 1764 Community
How is a village a village? By including young & old, white & black, rich & poor, churches & shops. Community
We don't want slow growth. We want slow land consumption. Development
When you have too much of something, you tax it. When you have too little of something, you subsidize it. Incentives
A leader is one who influences. Leadership
The modernists are less interested in what is true or useful than in stripping architecture of its authority. Modernism
Nothing is more extinct than yesterday's avant-garde. Modernism
The avant-garde mistakes individualism (which is common) for creativity (which is rare). Modernism
The Nobel intends to honor those who have helped humanity; the Pritzker honors those who have insulted it. reported by Kenneth Hitchens Modernism
In the combination of the New Urbanism and the Internet, American society can create on vast scale an entirely original social structure. What is their common ground? That together they overcome the tyranny of distance and the curse of isolation. New Urbanism
Placing surface parking lots in your downtowns is like placing a toilet in your living room. Parking
A community has to have the capacity to envision a future they want, and not just the one they are likely to get. Planning
A specialist is someone who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing at all. Specialist
A specialist is someone from out of town. Specialist
Suburbia is a collection of private benefits and public nuisances. Sprawl
A street is a spatial entity and not the residue between buildings. Thoroughfares
The suburb fails to be a countryside because it is too dense. It fails to be a city because it is not dense enough. Transect
Man stand on hillside with mouth open for a long time before fried duck fly into it. Vietnamese saying Wisdom
A teacher fills a bucket with big rocks and asks the students Is this bucket full? They all answer yes. Then she takes gravel from a pile hidden behind her desk and fills in around the big rocks until the bucket is full again. Now, with the same question, some students aren't quite so sure. She repeats the same with sand, and then with water. What's the lesson? she asks... The smaller stuff can always fit around the larger stuff, but if you don't put the big rocks in first, you'll never get them in. Wisdom
Viaggiare e vivere (To travel is to live) Wisdom
When Aeschines speaks, the people say, 'How well he speaks.' But when Demosthenes speaks, the people say, 'Let us march!' Ancient Greek adage Wisdom