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And so, as we closely consider each element of this very building [a bathhouse in a country villa], we cannot but be offended that we see one door off towards the side and the other placed almost in the middle but not quite in the middle. Obviously, in man-made things, an asymmetry of parts which lacks any compelling necessity for being that way seems to inflict a certain injury, as it were, on sight itself. On the other hand, the fact that the three windows inside--one in the middle, two on the sides--pour light onto the bath at equal intervals--how much that delights us who gaze upon it carefully and how much it takes the mind into itself, is a manifest thing not needing to be opened up for you with many words. This is why architects themselves are already calling this phenomenon by their own words 'reason' and they say that parts arranged disproportionately do not have 'reason.' From De Ordine' (On Order) Architecture