Douglas Duany 16 quotes

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Not changing is an excellent way to change things in interesting and useful ways. on successional urbanism Change
Anchorage is the most awful place. All people know is that nature is beautiful; and they do not give a thought to the city they inhabit. City
This much is evident: aesthetics matter very much to the middle class. Marketing
Of modernity's many experiments, the first one that has aborted is individualism. Modernism
What condemns modernism is not its theory, but its practice. Modernism
Modernism is predicated on ignorance of the past. Modernism
We walk down the street and reality confirms us. That is why we are strong. New Urbanism
Small lots are the most important planning mechanism. Planning
Preservation is the requirement for getting us through the current dark ages. It is the fertile soil for when we get past this nightmare. Preservation
That charrette was anti-entropy. Public Process
The forlorn hope is our tradition. Tradition
Craftsmen work in a pre-literate world. Vernacular
The American experiment with individualism has crashed. It was a noble experiment; but we should now learn from the British. Wisdom
Hidden within an offensive there should always be a defense. Wisdom
The only mortal sin is underestimating God. Wisdom
All I believe is...that you shouldn't be ignorant. Wisdom