Planning 28 quotes

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A master plan that relies on good architecture to be good is not a good master plan. Robert Adam
A community has to have the capacity to envision a future they want, and not just the one they are likely to get. Anonymous
On ineffective planners: They often tend to write trivial plans... lists of decisions that have already been taken. They defend their professional turf by inventing esoteric languages. They spend their energy in developing planning methodologies that are arcane and difficult to interpret. They often avoid complex choices, preferring to list alternatives and to provide large volumes of data without facing the need for choices...They invent names and functions for planning and often protect themselves by routinizing planning. Planning becomes bureaucratic, data are collected, analysis takes place routinely, and no one seems to have much to say about the usefulness of these planning efforts except those who carry them out... They overemphasize the professional sanctity of their craft. G. Beneveniste
Planning must make a difference and that difference must be worthwhile. Guy Bienveniste
The second shortest code in the world: Diverse, walkable and compact. Peter Calthorpe
I'll tell you what I want for Christmas. I want the Planning Commission and the mayor and the county Legislature and the county executive and all our decision makers to get on a plane and go to Charleston, S.C. I want them to walk around and see why that city works, and what can be done with wonderful planning, and how developers... if you do it right... won't run away. Lonnie Chu
The city of Cartagena is as comfortable as an old shoe. From a Colombian poem
Regional growth patterns require regional governance. Anthony Downs
Planning issues must be decided by legislators who feel the responsibility to become experts on the subject which they must decide upon. Andrés Duany
Amateurs accustomed to emulation made great places. It is the professionals of recent decades that have ruined our cities and our landscapes with their inventions. Andrés Duany
The problem with planning is that it has been overtaken by mathematical models... traffic, density, impact assessment, public costs etc. discarding common sense and empirical observation. Andrés Duany
On the failure of planning as process: when the job seems too difficult, the tool is probably wrong. Andrés Duany
Small lots are the most important planning mechanism. Douglas Duany
Successful City Planning: Public action that generates a desirable, widespread and sustained private market reaction. Alexander Garvin
Hilton Head island is 30 thousand acres and is choking on one million tourists a year. Charleston is one thousand acres and gracefully absorbs 5.5 million tourists a year. Vince Graham
Setbacks, Height Limits, Open Space, Parking requirements (S.H.O.P.). The four stooges of zoning have effectively outlawed compact, affordable, walkable, mixed use (CAWMU) in the United States. Fenno Hoffman
A hundred years after we are gone and forgotten, those who never heard of us will be living with the results of our actions. Oliver Wendell Holmes
The pseudo science of planning seems almost neurotic in its determination to imitate empiric failure and ignore empiric success. Jane Jacobs
``Communities should be planned with an eye to the effect on the human spirit of being continually surrounded by a maximum of beauty.'' Thomas Jefferson
Can a great, democratic society generate the drive to plan, and having planned, execute projects of great natural beauty? 1965 Lady Bird Johnson
LA in 1970-90 grew 45% in population and 300% in size. Chris Leinberger
[American] Planners fight against good urbanism every day of the week, and have for fifty years. John Massengale
Planners putting colors on maps are like cavemen painting on rocks. They think that by drawing themselves spearing a deer, that it will actually happen. This method is called sympathetic magic. Sue McGlynn
The technology of the automobile, coupled with telephone, radio and rural electrification, could foster a new settlement pattern of rural dispersion which could give to the whole continent that stable, well balanced, settled, cultivated life which grew out of its provincial settlements. Lewis Mumford
Suburban planning is all about separation and segregation of uses. Buffers, enormous setbacks, masking. Urban planning, by stark contrast, strives for mixed and shared use, permeability, and compact dimensions. Dom Nozzi
A Constitution is a declaration of interdependence. Metropolitan regions without regional plans are states without a constitution. Henry Richmond
We live in a country made of spare parts where the master plan has been lost. Jaquelyn Robertson
50 years ago, city planning practices and codes moved from being community unifiers to suburban dividers. Tom Walsh