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If buildings are beautiful, higher density compounds that beauty. Conversely, if buildings are ugly, then higher density compounds that ugliness. Vince Graham
The suburban conundrum: As density goes down in a suburban setting, both arterial sizes and retail format sizes tend to go up, while the frequency of both go down, resulting in longer trips, to fewer boxes, of ever increasing scale. Seth Harry
I've always described Density in terms of dollars: The more you have of it, the more you can buy with it -- referring to amenities, of course (cultural, entertainment, dining, etc.). When I get asked what's the single most important thing that can be added to a city to help revitalize it (they are always waiting for the latest retail or entertainment thing...), I always say housing. Seth Harry
Density is necessary but not sufficient for walkable, transit-friendly urban(e) communities...without adequate baseline densities, communities can wind up building a lot of sidewalks that hardly anybody walks on. Nathan Landau
In 1999, Gainesville had a population of approximately 100,000. That same year, San Francisco had a population of approximately 777,000. The Paris inner area had a population of approximately 2.1 million. The eye-opener is that Gainesville's land area, at just over 50 square miles, is larger than both San Francisco (46.7 sq mi) and Inner Area Paris (41 sq mi). also with Michael Hoge Dom Nozzi
American cities put a floor under the parking supply to satisfy the peak demand for free parking, and then cap development density to limit vehicle trips. European cities, in contrast, often cap the number of parking spaces to avoid congesting the roads and combine this strategy with a floor on allowed development density to encourage walking, cycling, and public transport. That is, Americans require parking and limit density, while Europeans require density and limit parking. When combined with complaints about traffic congestion and calls for smart growth, the American policy looks exceptionally foolish. The High Cost of Free Parking Donald Shoup
People move to the suburbs for the illusion of greater freedom, but it is where there is density... more people & more kinds of people, more buildings & more kinds of buildings... that there are more choices. Sandy Sorlien