Public Process 9 quotes

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Charrettes are what you do until sanity prevails again. Patrick Condon
If a number of persons are not in some way angry at the planner, then no principles have been presented; the planner has been merely a secretary to the mob, and the plan will be weak to the point of being useless. Andrés Duany
Principles untested by public participation are coercive and have no authority. A process without a basis in principles lacks structure and a credible outcome. Andrés Duany
That charrette was anti-entropy. Douglas Duany
Neighborhood lobbyists have far too much influence and this influence in the end almost always equals more sprawl. Laura Hall
This is what is going to kill democracy: when people who don't know what they are talking about insist on having a voice. Leon Krier
As we all know, architecture and urbanism, unlike other specialties, such as surgery and biology, are susceptible to being valued, criticized and even vetoed by persons without the most minimal knowledge of their most elemental principles. Havana, 2003 Mario Lanza
NIMBYs on steriods. Dom Nozzi
A culture of inertia has set in. Criticism predominates over construction; critics are given more weight than those trying to build. It doesn't matter how small a constituency or flawed an argument the critic possesses. He or she always seems to predominate in political circles, in the news media, and in the public debate. Senator Charles E. Schumer