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Tradition is innovation that succeeded Pier Carlo Bontempi
A revolution can sweep clean, but a reformation can point forward and backward at the same time. Eugenio Donato
Tradition is reverse engineering, isn't it? John Doune
Vinyl awaits its Eiffel. Andrés Duany
A historicist is a person who generally believes that old things are always better than new things. A modernist is a person who generally believes that new things are always better than old things. A neo-traditionalist is a person who generally chooses whatever works best in the long run. Andrés Duany
The forlorn hope is our tradition. Douglas Duany
Tradition is the concrete, contingent, particular, and historically embodied realities of our daily lives, unified together under a coherent system of thought and practice. It is any set of practices, customs, rituals, texts, arguments, authorities, institutions, artifacts, (and any other type of historically extended and socially embodied phenomena) unified by a distinct narrative or story serving to interpret and order these phenomena, affording the participant particular habits of knowing, judging, and feeling, and thus access to an overarching comprehension of the world, the good, and his place in it. Thaddeus Kozinski
Life is always right. Le Corbusier
If all we can do is to build historical replicas, we become relics ourselves. Steve Mouzon
Private architectural languages die with their creators. Steve Mouzon
A living tradition is about as similar to an historic tradition as a living creature is to a fossil. The shapes may be similar, but one is living and the other is not. The living thing can change, while the historic one is fixed in history for all time. Steve Mouzon
A tradition begins as a great idea by a single person having to do with a better way of building something. They build the idea, and other people see it. If it resonates enough with other people that they say I must have this on my house, my shop, or my town (depending on the scale of the pattern) then they, too, build it and it becomes a local pattern. Later, if the people of the region see it and say we love this; we want to adopt it into our family of regional traditions, then it becomes a regional pattern. Traditions, therefore, are those things that are most worthy of love. Steve Mouzon
New Urbanists reserve the right to learn from our predecessors. But we also reserve the right to invent new things, too. Steve Mouzon
The gateway to greatness is a great variety in a narrow range. This is the unifying characteristic of all great places. The great variety creates life, whereas the narrow range creates an identifiable character. Achieving both in the same place has proven extraordinarily difficult in new places; most have achieved one or the other, but not both. Steve Mouzon
Tradition is impossible without copying something. Steve Mouzon
The greatness of an idea is measured by how many times it is copied and how far it spreads. Those who don't want their work to be copied are unknowingly desiring mediocrity... or worse. Steve Mouzon
Tradition is that which involves roughly 98% of the market. If we're more worried about the 2% than the 98%, then we get what we deserve, which is the adulation of the architects and the alienation of almost everyone else. Steve Mouzon
Tradition has a secret power: the ability to embed wisdom in beauty. A great deal of wisdom can then be passed down by the untrained, simply because they love what they are replicating. Steve Mouzon
A living tradition isn't a style. Rather, it's simply the best response to regional conditions, climate, and culture. Those who participate in a living tradition simply say 'this is how we build here'. Steve Mouzon
Until a pattern is copied by someone other than its originator, it cannot be strictly said to be alive. But once it is copied, it becomes a living thing and can persist for decades, centuries, or occasionally even millennia after its originator dies and is forgotten. Steve Mouzon
Are you planting or selling? If you sell an idea, then you must sell it again and again, and each time the idea is built, it immediately begins to decay. But if you plant an idea instead that can take on a life of its own and replicate without you, then that idea can be doing good long after you are gone and forgotten. Steve Mouzon
Copyrighting your own design assures that the genetic material of your design will never become part of a tradition. Copyrighting all design assures that no long-term advancement in design is likely. Steve Mouzon
We are stuck in 1910 until we learn to re-start living traditions. Steve Mouzon
Historical style was a necessary schoolteacher to help bring us out of the Dark Ages of Architecture and into the New Renaissance, but it has now become an impediment. Why? Because if you're really wanting to engage the people (and the builders,) then they WILL learn a best architecture of their place, but they WILL NOT learn a half-dozen (or more) historical styles. Only architectural historians will do that. So if you really want to re-start a living tradition in a place, it cannot be based on a collection of historical styles, but rather on the simple notion of 'this is how we build here'. Steve Mouzon
Time changes everything...Except the timeless. Advertisement Vespa Motorscooters
Tradition is the tending of the fire, not the worship of the ashes. Johan Wolfgang von Goethe