Style 7 quotes

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In civilized countries there are no fashions: it is an honor to resemble the models. Things Which Pass, 1925 Bertolt Brecht
Style is knowing what play you are in. John Gielgud
Astonishingly, it is the young who are now preaching moderation, correcting their teachers, outdoing them in flawlessness, in perfection. . . What do these young people want? They are striving for maturity, calm, balance, they abhor all radicalism, they are searching for the Golden Mean between old and new. Their works thus serves as a silent accusation against what came before, a kind of censure. describing the revolt against the excesses of Art Nouveau Anton Jaumann
Today construction is independent of style. Generally these days you do not know the style of the building until three weeks before it is finished. Leon Krier
Post-Stylistic Architecture: The architecture that emerges after the end of the Hundred-Year Style Wars that is based on the regional conditions, climate, and culture of a place, and that is express simply as this is how we build here. Its genetic code is passed down to the next generation pattern-by-pattern prefaced by a simple rule of thumb, and followed by 'We do this because...'. Steve Mouzon
Style is a blunt instrument, because you must either swallow the whole thing or reject it. Individual patterns, on the other hand, are surgically precise, and may be discussed intelligently because of their relative simplicity. Steve Mouzon
That looks like they're trying to go around the world in 80 styles... on a style-based TND using far too many styles Janna Whitley