Sustainability 21 quotes

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It is the adaptable, not the well-adapted who survive. Ken Boulding
The most intrinsically green buildings are those that already exist. This is because constructing a new building consumes 15 to 30 times the building's annual energy use. Reusing it after its original purpose is obsolete makes an old building even greener, because the new purpose does not require a new building ... David Brussat
We have a military policy instead of an energy policy. Barry Commoner
Density and environmental protection are not incompatible. If they are, we are in very deep trouble. Patrick Condon
NIMBYs disguised as environmentalists. Andrés Duany
Thank God for global warming; it came just in time to save Europe. Andrés Duany
LEED architecture without good urban design is like cutting down the rainforest using hybrid-powered bulldozers. Dan Malouff
That which can reproduce and live sustainably is green; that which is incapable of doing so is not green. This is the standard of life. Life is that process which creates all things green. Steve Mouzon
If a building cannot be loved, its carbon footprint is meaningless because it will demolished and carted off to the landfill in a generation or two. Steve Mouzon
The carbon footprint of a building doesn't mean much if it is built in an unsustainable place where you have to drive everywhere. Steve Mouzon
Originally (before the Thermostat Age) people had no choice but to build green, otherwise people would freeze to death in winter, die of heat strokes by summer, or other really bad things would happen to them. Steve Mouzon
We need to move as quickly as possible from the previous condition of global warming being an issue embraced by one political party and opposed by the other to the future condition where all hands are vigorously on deck to try to do something about it. We all need to move as quickly as possible to de-politicize global warming so that years are not wasted in blame, but rather spent productively getting things done. Steve Mouzon
The seriously poor live the most ecological lifestyles because they can't afford to do otherwise. The trick is to take elements of the peasant lifestyle, elevate them and make them alluring to the rich so that, if adopted, they will move down to the middle class. Steve Mouzon
There's a fundamental flaw the 'anti-consumption agenda'... the measure should not be primarily the things that you consume, because every living creature consumes things... life itself is one long repeated act of consumption... life cannot occur without consumption. When a creature ceases to consume, they cease to live, so the only creatures that do not consume anything are the dead ones. Rather, the standard should be: 'do your wastes become another creature's raw materials, or do they go to the landfill instead?' This is a fundamental reason why the sustainability of the place is as important as the sustainability of the building or the practices of the individuals who inhabit those buildings. Steve Mouzon
Urbanists no longer need to talk just about Compactness, Walkability, and Diversity, but rather Compactness, Walkability, Diversity, AND Sustainability. Architects no longer need to talk just about Commodity, Firmness, and Delight, but rather Commodity, Firmness, Delight, AND Wellness. Steve Mouzon
Suffering isn't sustainable. Steve Mouzon
Sustainability is far less about which green gizmos we buy and far more about how we live differently. Better efficiency alone can’t get the job done. Steve Mouzon
Sustainability is more about what we do than what we buy. We must make changes, not just the gizmo manufacturers. Steve Mouzon
If we want sustainability without catastrophe, then we must very soon rebuild green ideas around that which is lovable. Steve Mouzon
People often do what they want to, but don’t often do what they ought to. Far too much sustainability advice begins with “you ought to...” We must rebuild the idea of sustainability around that which can be desired. Steve Mouzon
If the earth was an apartment, we wouldn't be getting our security deposit back. Jim Shubert