Transect 5 quotes

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The suburb fails to be a countryside because it is too dense. It fails to be a city because it is not dense enough. Anonymous
The transect is one of the great taxonomic engines. Andrés Duany
There is the transect and there is no ‘Plan B’. If there were, it would be absorbed by the transect--which is an omnivorous taxonomic engine. Andrés Duany
Transect Zone Bigotry: This phenomenon probably occurred first in our time as an intolerance of anything that was not suburban. Not surprisingly, there is a backlash within the New Urbanism against anything that IS suburban, illustrating two sides of Transect Zone Bigotry: Focused Transect Zone Bigotry is intolerance of one particular zone, whereas Widespread Transect Zone Bigotry is intolerance of any zone other than the one in which one lives. There is a third form, which is Shifted Transect Zone Bigotry. It's a quirky thing characterized by admiration of one zone, while living in an adjacent zone. The most common example is the millions of Americans who live in T-3 but lionize T-2. It's not Suburban Music, of course, it's Country Music. Regardless of which form it takes, Transect Zone Bigotry is caustic... and stupid... because it takes tools out of the toolbox. Steve Mouzon
Transectendental: Transcending the simplistic fried-egg understanding of the Transect with all sorts of quirky, fine-grained breaks, often in mid-block, such as the classic T5 End Cap On T4 Block. Steve Mouzon