Parking 12 quotes

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Placing surface parking lots in your downtowns is like placing a toilet in your living room. Anonymous
Anyplace worth its salt has a 'parking problem'. James Castle
Parking is a narcotic and ought to be a controlled substance. It is addictive, and one can never have enough. Victor Dover
The problem is not the automobile. There are plenty of cars and traffic jams in European cities, but urban planning and design there does not simply revolve around making space for the car. In American downtowns, however, that has too often been the case. For years, downtowns have been decimated as buildings have been cleared and streets widened in an effort to get more cars into the city. Since most cars are driven only a few hours per week, storage is a big problem. Parking lots often take up more space than any other land use. Larry Ford
Each on-street parking spot that is lost costs an adjacent business about $250,000 a year in sales on a thriving Main Street. Bob Gibbs
The more parking space, the less sense of place. Jane Holtz Kay
This nation is drowning in a sea of free and abundant parking. Dom Nozzi
Off-street parking requirements [imposed by a city for new developments] and cars...present a symbiotic relationship: the requirements lead to free parking, the free parking leads to more cars and more cars then lead to even higher parking requirements. When 3 spaces per 1,000 square feet [of new building] no longer satisfy the peak demand for free parking, a stronger dose of 4 spaces per 1,000 square feet can alleviate the problem, but not for long because cars increase in numbers to fill the new parking spaces. Every jab of the parking needle relieves the local symptoms, but ultimately worsens the real disease -- too much land and capital devoted to parking and cars. Parking requirements are good for motorists in the short run but bad for cities in the long run. The High Cost of Free Parking Donald Shoup
For a concert hall, Los Angeles requires, at a minimum, 50 times more parking spaces than San Francisco allows as the maximum. This difference in planning helps explain why downtown San Francisco is much more exciting and livable than downtown Los Angeles. The High Cost of Free Parking Donald Shoup
Minimum parking standards are fertility drugs for cars. Donald Shoup
Staunch conservatives often become ardent communists when it comes to parking, and rational people quickly turn emotional. Donald Shoup
If we continue to do what we've always done with curb parking, we will continue to get what we now have -- the parking problem, with all its ramifications. Fortunately, we can resolve this problem if we: (1) charge market prices for curb parking; (2) return the revenue to finance neighborhood public improvements; and (3) remove off-street parking requirements. No other source of public revenue can so easily bring in so much money and simultaneously improve transportation, land use, and the environment. Donald Shoup