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We don't want slow growth. We want slow land consumption. Anonymous
All of the old-timers knew that subprime mortgages were what we called neutron loans: they killed the people and left the houses. The deals made in 2005 and 2006 were going to run into trouble because the credit pendulum at the time was stuck at easy. Louis S. Barnes
Fundamental Land Preservation: The act of building more compactly than the latest surrounding sprawl, which is the pattern that would otherwise be used to house the people you are housing. Land preserved by Fundamental Land Preservation requires no political will to keep it in place through time. Once enacted, its only enemy is unlovable architecture, because it remains in force for so long as the units remain inhabited. Steve Mouzon
California grows at the rate of one Pasadena every month and a Massachussets every decade. Nelson Reising
The opposite to bad development is good development, not no development. Padriac Steinschneider