Environment 17 quotes

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We have agreed not to drive our automobiles into cathedrals, concert halls, art museums, legislative assemblies, private bedrooms and the other sanctums of our culture; we should treat our national parks with the same deference, for they, too, are holy places. Edward Abbey
Nature is an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only will tune in. George Washington Carver
If the city is not well designed, its impact on the surrounding nature will be lethal. Javier Cenicacelaya
Do you only have ancestors, or are you also going to be an ancestor? Andrés Duany
The loss of a forest or a farm is justified only if it is replaced by a village. To replace them with a subdivision or a shopping center is not an even trade. Andrés Duany
Buried in berms, clad in weathered wood and weak in form, the buildings of suburban Hilton Head are promoted as ecological. But they are only apologizing (quite correctly) for their own existence. The compact neighborhood is the true architecture of nature. Andrés Duany
The last place you want to build anything is virgin land. In America it's the first place, but it should be the last place. Thomas Hylton
Man is Nature. Dan Kiley
New Rule: Nobody can use the phrase our greatest problem anymore unless you’re talking about global warming. Bill Maher
When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. John Muir
If our presence in nature is by definition denuding and corrupting, wouldn't it follow that the truly moral alternative would be to live on Manhattan? David Rakoff
Preserving natural habitat by creating better human habitat. Smart Growth America's web site
There are two types of environmentalists: those who understand that the city is part of the environment and those who do not. Paul Soglin
Environmentalists should make good urbanists, since they understand systems, diversity, connectivity and interdependence. Caryl Terrell
Environmentalists fail to understand that human beings are a life form. Dhiru Thadani
It is vain to dream of a wilderness distant from ourselves. Henry David Thoreau
A town is saved, not more by the righteous men in it than by the woods and swamps that surround it. Henry David Thoreau