Codes 10 quotes

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Reculer pour mieux sauter: to step back in order to better jump forward. Anonymous
The rigid, isolated object is of no use whatsoever. It must be inserted into the context of living social relations. Walter Benjamin
You either have rules or you have anarchy; and the enforcement of rules requires a hierarchy. John Casbarian
Suburban Codes attempt to impose order, Neotraditional Codes avoid disorder. Andrés Duany
Affordable housing was inadvertently eliminated by suburban codes. Andrés Duany
Like every discipline, architecture too, is confronted with the pressing need to define its fundamental principles and the means at its disposition. The exactness of the definitions require formal clarity and imposes order on chaos, in the most concrete ways. Ludwig Hilbersheimer
The chaos of the city of today can be opposed only by attempts at theoretical systematization, having the purpose of enucleating from actual situations... in a totally abstract way... the fundamental principles of urban planning, thereby arriving at the formulation of general forms that then permit the solution of determined concrete problems. Only the abstraction of the specific case enables us, in fact, to demonstrate how the disparate elements that make up a large city can be placed, in an orderly way, in relationship to the whole. Ludwig Hilbesheimer
Architectural codes must give buildings a sense of place, of climate, of history, and of limits. Doug Kelbaugh
Style-based coding is founded on the proposition that 'thou shalt do this because I have better taste than you,' whereas principle-based coding is founded on the proposition that 'we do this because...'. Steve Mouzon
There are three rules of urban design [for the establishment and preservation of walkable commercial areas]. Build [buildings] to the sidewalk (i.e., property line), make the front of the building 'permeable' (i.e., no blank walls), and prohibit parking lots in front of the building. City Comforts (2003) David Sucher