Affordable Housing 5 quotes

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How many of you here think housing should be more affordable? (almost all hands rise) OK, now how many of those own your own home?' (most of the same hands stay up) OK. How many of you want the value of your own home to go down? (lots of blank looks, and hands creeping down) You see the problem? Anonymous
American communities require that new housing meet quality requirements that are very high by world or even Western European and Japanese standards. These requirements are designed by middle-class architects, planners, and citizens in conformity with what they believe is decent housing. But their concept of decency far surpasses what is necessary for human health and safety. Consequently, all new American dwellings are too costly for low-income people to occupy without direct subsidies. But subsidies are provided for only a few of the many households with incomes low enough to be eligible for them. So poor people live in unsubsidized older dwellings. Anthony Downs
We're having a terrible affordable housing problem in this country. How can we deliver affordable housing when we keep gold-plating the standards? Andrés Duany
Vernacular architecture was the sole delivery vehicle for affordable housing in most places from the dawn of time until about 1925. Inexplicably, we have almost completely ceased to use it in the decades since. Steve Mouzon
Well-planned cities can compensate for declining incomes by decreasing the cost of living. Henry Richmond