New Urbanism 23 quotes

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In August of 2006 annualized housing starts in the US were just over 1.6 million. This is down to 2003 levels, but 2003 was still a record year. The number of units started in New Urbanist projects this year was what? A thousand? Two thousand? Sixteen thousand? This makes us the most accomplished and influential rounding error in the world of development. John Anderson
In the combination of the New Urbanism and the Internet, American society can create on vast scale an entirely original social structure. What is their common ground? That together they overcome the tyranny of distance and the curse of isolation. Anonymous
For any given criticism of new urbanism, there exists an equal and corresponding criticism that makes exactly the opposite point. Laurence Aurbach
Look, I don't do marketing studies. If I do good looking architecture that makes a great place, I figure somebody will buy it. Nate Bowman
My target market is intelligent people. Nate Bowman
New Urbanism = Universal Principles calibrated locally. Bill Dennis
The difference between the New Urbanism and Smart Growth is that while both desire the same outcome, the New Urbanism is conceived as private-sector and market-driven while Smart Growth is based on government policy and proscriptions. The one is about choice, profit and the pursuit of happiness as self-defined; while the other is ethical and anhedonic. The CNU attempts only to establish parity between conventional suburban development and diverse, walkable communities hereby allowing the market to decide on a level playing field. Andrés Duany
We must replace those memes, the high-art aesthetic ones, with ETHICAL ones. Everything we do has to be on an ethical basis. Andrés Duany
The New Urbanism Consists of the Charter and the Charrette. The one is principle based and the other is process-based. The one is rational, the other empirical. The one is general and the other local. The one is ideal, the other political. Principles untested by public participation are coercive and have no authority. A process without a basis in principles lacks structure and credible outcome. Andrés Duany
You cannot be a New Urbanist unless you are also angry. Andrés Duany
We walk down the street and reality confirms us. That is why we are strong. Douglas Duany
Technological Capitalism is an infernal machine. . .The attachment of Americans to their post offices is pure nostalgia. It's the double vision of a people whose hearts don't like what their desires have created. How to be Alone Jonathan Franzen
Cities have to move to a new system. They should look at the streets they like and the public spaces they like and then write the rules to get more of what they like and less of what they don't. Conventional zoning doesn't do that. It just gives a use and a density and then you hope for the best. Peter Katz
The CNU is 'the only truly organized voice in planning in the United States and has become the most important force in architecture, with the exception of Frank Gehry, in the last 30 years.' Reed Kroloff
New Urbanism cannot happen without bricks and mortar. Until we move people to the point that they build differently from what they otherwise would have, NU is only a theory, and it does nobody any good except those that enjoy concocting the theories. NU is about building differently. Steve Mouzon
Tourist Test: Is a place good enough that people come from far away to visit it for the delight of being there, rather than to visit friends or to be entertained? If so, then may be one of the Most-Loved Places. Steve Mouzon
Decorated Subdivision: Synonym for Hybrid New Urbanism. Basically, you take a conventional subdivision and decorate it with a few alleys, sidewalks, and maybe a gazebo on a sliver of common land somewhere. Steve Mouzon
New Urbanists often aren't interested in something until someone says it can't be done. Then, they say 'maybe that should be our next project'. Steve Mouzon
Nearly everything the New Urbanism has accomplished over the last three decades was beforehand illegal, inconceivable, or considered impossible. Steve Mouzon
Benefits [of a home in a new urbanist neighborhood] should be framed in the same manner as other products are sold in our culture (by emphasizing aspects such as value, convenience, choice, safety, healthy living, or beauty). Nathan Norris
Smart Growth defined: Making the car an option, not a necessity. Dom Nozzi
It was clear that there needed to be a movement for the architects of the middle ground, once the elite became inaccessible. Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk
At this time, and for the foreseeable future, the only way to act as a New Urbanist, is to stay put wherever you choose to be in the world, to fight fiercely for beautiful, sustainable, wealth-generating and just cities, and to actively share the journey with colleagues around the globe. Stefanos Polyzoides