Urbanism 12 quotes

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If, as the philosophers maintain, the city is like some large house, and the house is in turn like some small city, cannot the various parts of the house—atria, loggias, dining rooms, porticoes and so on—be considered miniature buildings? Could anything be omitted >from any of these, through inattention and neglect, without detracting from the dignity and worth of the work? The greatest care and attention, then, should be paid to studying these elements, which contribute to the whole work, so as to ensure that even the most insignificant parts appear to have been formed according to the rule of art. Leone Battista Alberti
What Windsor shows us is that the rich can be convinced to live in urbanism. Bill Dennis
The problem is not the profit motive... profit has always been the driver of building in this country... the issue is the pattern. So long as the pattern was the compact, walkable and diverse neighborhood, we could continue growing... and did so for 250 years. When the pattern changed after WWII, it became unsustainable. Andrés Duany
In [the traditional New England town], one can live above the store, next to the store, five minutes from the store or nowhere near the store, and it is easy to imagine the different age groups and personalities that would prefer each alternative. In this way and others, the traditional neighborhood provides for an array of lifestyles. In conventional suburbia, there is only one available lifestyle: to own a car and to need it for everything. Suburban Nation Andrés Duany
We are not running out of land. We are running out of urban places. Andrés Duany
Anti-urban uses (large parking lots, large setbacks, drive-thru's, wide and high-speed roads, etc.) are the new slaughterhouses... the places that people fight against having as neighbors. Andrés Duany
Urbanism works when it creates a journey as desirable as the destination. Paul Goldberger
We are never going to save the rural places or the agricultural places or the wild and scenic places (or the wild species that dwell there) unless we identify the human habitat and then strive to make it so good that humans will voluntarily inhabit it. James Howard Kunstler
The most important task of the urbanist is controlling size. David Mohney
There are very few building that stand out. Look at the Piazza San Marco: None of the buildings that surround it are so extraordinary as a single entity, but the totality creates one of the most beautiful human spaces in the world. It's that harmony and concert above all that makes for great cities. on Venice Cesar Pelli
... the particularity of place that we all treasure... Stefanos Polyzoides
The great thing about urbanism…is that the more you build, generally the better. The opposite is true of sprawl. Robert Steuteville