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In a 20 mph collision, 4% of pedestrians die, 30 mph is 55%, and 40 mph is over 80%. Guide for the Planning, Design, and Operation of Pedestrian Facilities AASHTO
In a quality city, a person should be able to live their entire life without a car, and not feel deprived. Paul Bedford
A good sustainability and quality of life indicator: The average amount of time spent in a car. Paul Bedford
All cars are getaway cars. Ross Best
Americans are broad-minded people. They'll accept the fact that a person can be an alcoholic, a dope fiend, a wife beater, and even a newspaperman, but if a man doesn't drive there's something wrong with him. Art Buchwald
Cars are happiest when there are no other cars around. People are happiest when there are other people around. Dan Burden
The world is being forced, not in 10 years but today, to choose between feeding people and feeding cars. Ernest Callenbach
Planning of the automobile city focuses on saving time. Planning for the accessible city, on the other hand, focuses on time well spent. Robert Cervero
In Houston, a person walking is someone on his way to his car. Anthony Downs
To most Americans the cures for traffic congestion are worse than the congestion itself. Anthony Downs
The Department of Transportation, in its single-minded pursuit of traffic flow, has destroyed more American towns than General Sherman. Andrés Duany
Mary Peters, the administrator of the Federal Highway Administration, recently testified before a committee of the U.S. Senate that mobility is one of our greatest freedoms and that congestion must be addressed with a long-term strategy to increase capacity (FHWA 2002d). In its 2001 Report to the Nation, the Federal Highway Administration declared that our highway transportation system serves to unify America and sustain the American way of life (FHWA 2001). Implicit in such statements is the belief that Americans have a right to drive and, more specifically, that Americans have the right to drive anywhere they want at any time of day they want at speeds unimpeded by congestion. Time and monetary losses resulting from congestion are officially measured relative to free flow conditions, thereby establishing free-flow conditions as the unquestioned standard. Susan Handy
The motor car reflects our standard of living and gauges the speed of our present life. It long ago ran down Simple Living, and never halted to inquire about the prostrate figure which fell as its victim. 1922 State of the Union address Warren G. Harding
All time-saving methods, to which alleviaton of traffic congestion and other conveniences belong, do not, paradoxically, save any time, but simply fill the time available in such a manner that one has no more time at all. The result of this is inevitable, breathless haste, superficiality and nervous fatigue with all the related symptoms like nervous hunger, impatience, irritability, distractedness etc... Carl Jung
Any city planner who thinks that easing the traffic flow will decrease the city’s congestion is simply living in a dream world. Likewise, the addition of parking facilities will not, and never has, eliminated parking problems. When you improve a small congested road, you wind up with a big congested road. Likewise, the better the traffic pattern, the more traffic on that pattern; the more parking lots, the more people looking for a place to park. John Keats
Whatever a traffic engineer tells you to do, do the opposite and you'll improve your community. Fred Kent
It's true that Germans have always had a special love affair with the car, but there's no reason you have to remain trapped in a bad and unhealthy relationship. Pit Klasen
It matters that our cities are primarily auto storage depots. It matters that our junior high schools look like insecticide factories. It matters that our libraries look like beverage distribution warehouses. It matters that the best hotel in town looks like a minimum security prison. To live and work and walk among such surroundings is a form of spiritual degradation. It's hard to feel good about yourself when so much of what you see on a typical day is so unrelentingly drab. James Howard Kunstler
…the state of Detroit today (1/3 of the city's land is vacant, decrease in population by 1/2, etc.) is exactly what the automobile industry intended to have happen to formerly pedestrian-oriented cities. Detroit probably has more freeway miles than most U.S. cities, and it sure hasn't benefited Detroit. (Reflecting upon this is the source of my challenge to freeway proponents -- name one freeway construction project that has benefited the traditional center city more than the suburbs, or benefited the city at all. The reality is that freeways are for suburbanites.) Richard Layman
The English Department of Transport has concluded that more roads create more traffic. 2000 London Times
...Rather than design a transportation system to get the most out of America's cities, America redesigned the cities to get the most out of the automobile. Richard Moe
The car is not the enemy, nor is the elimination of cars the solution. It is our societal bias toward cars that must be questioned. Anne Vernez Moudon
Our national flower is the concrete cloverleaf. Lewis Mumford
The right to have access to every building in the city by private motorcar in an age when everyone possesses such a vehicle, is actually the right to destroy the city. Lewis Mumford
Working adults formerly enjoyed an hour of community time after the workday was over and before they were expected home. It has been replaced by an hour of commuting time. The former warmed us to our fellow human beings, the latter conditions us to hate them. Celebrating the Third Place Ray Oldenburg
People who think rising gas prices are a minor problem that will go away or be solved by growing more corn are out of touch with the way we live now. Tens of millions low-paid Americans have used their cars and cheap gas to find inexpensive houses a long way from their work. $3 gas is causing them problems. $5 gas will cause more problems. When this happened in 1973, the economy was hit hard and a thirty-year period of tremendous inflation started. At this point in time, the inflation has outpaced the oil price increases. That will change and we will have great economic changes. Robin Pogrebin
Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't block traffic. Dan Rather
Four years ago there was in this country one automobile to every 1,500,000 inhabitants. Two years ago there was one to every 6,500 inhabitants. To-day there is one to every 1,200 inhabitants. Give us another five years, and they will be as thick in this country as mosquitos on the Hackensack Meadows. The New York Times, January 22, 1905 Winthrop E. Scarrett
Although the American scarcely thought of his car as an instrument for reshaping the city, it was to prove the most potent means of crippling Central Business Districts and upbuilding outlying shopping areas that had ever been invented. It was the most effective device for spreading the city over a vast territory that history had ever seen. Its potential for destruction and for construction was, in short, awesome. Mel Scott
Walk to Work. Drive for Fun. An advertisement for a condominium high-rise two blocks south of the Chicago Board of Trade, and offering a drawing for a Mini Cooper. Developer: Roszak/ADC, marketed by Maher Partners Vetro
I am tired of being blamed for owning an SUV when I actually walk to work every day. It is not the miles per gallon that matters; it's the gallons per person. Cars don’t burn gas... people do. Mike Watkins